Hell Shoulder Crop (2-12)

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SOLD OUT ❤️❤️❤️ thank you!

✨ tomorrow is my birthday! ✨

I’ll be doing a SMALL drop of the shoulder crops. small - 3X

Please claim under the picture.
You can SPLIT any 2 designs.
Only 13 available.
TAT is 45 business days.
Do not claim if you can’t pay invoice. Any unpaid invoice will be a mute for 28 days, twice and you’re removed.

45$ each 5$ shipping.
Don’t start claiming until 11:15am CST. Any claim made before will not be counted.

25 minutes.
Claim with PayPal/email and size.
Sezzle available

EDITED: pushed back 15 minutes to tag everyone.

1. Amber Spires
2. Christina Galvan-O'Neil
3. Kristina Feller
4. Tahala Painter
5. Taylor Feldman
6. Melissa Stepien
7. Katie Holman
8. Becky Byrd
9. Hannah Lorraine
10. Lexi Woolsey
11. Tammy Phillips
12. Nicole Frazzetto-Saunders
13. Kamii Hart